Latest News

WB Hobie Cole is at the VA Hospital in Sioux Falls following several falls; WB Duane Van Noort is slowly recovering from back surgery.
Memorial Life Member recognition was given for Frank Myers (65 Years) and Curt Vipond (70 Years).
Fifty-seven kids enjoyed the visit by Santa Claus to Jeptha Lodge, where they received candy, cookies, small toys, pictures with Santa, and things to do at the craft table.
Education Officer Ron West gave “The Masonic Altar” by WB Henry Perrault. The article first discusses the use of an altar by numerous other past and present institutions. In Masonry, this most important piece of furniture is used as a symbolic altar of sacrifice. “On it a candidate is directed to lay his passions and vices as an oblation to the Deity, while he offers up the thoughts of a pure heart as a fitting incense to the Grand Architect of the Universe.”
Duane Van Noort reported on taking the Scottish Rite Degrees in Yankton.
Ron West, Joe West, Galen Jansen, and Dave Hansen traveled to Yankton last Saturday to help confer the Master Mason Degree.
Education Officer Ron West, with the assistance of Galen Jansen, presented the 2019 version of Masonic Jeopardy.


How Do I Join?

Freemasonry is available to men of good character who believe in a Supreme Being. We are closed to avowed atheists and agnostics. There are no restrictions relating to race, creed, or religion.

To begin, contact a Mason by telephone, by e-mail, or in person. He will be happy to answer your questions, or refer you to someone who can.

If you decide that Masonry is right for you, the next step is to request a Petition for Degrees of Masonry, which will ask for some basic information, such as your name, age, occupation, and place of residence.

Your sponsor will present your petition to the Lodge, which will consider your request. When your petition is accepted, you will face a three-step initiation. Each step opens doors to new knowledge and deeper understanding.

These initiation rites are solemn and wholesome, intended to convey basic moral truths and principles of morality that are accepted by good men everywhere: the Golden Rule, tolerance, gratitude to the Almighty for His many blessings, love of and respect for one’s family, charity towards all men, and patriotism. Upon taking part in the the first step, called the Entered Apprentice degree, you will advance to the second degree, known as the Fellowcraft, and, ultimately, raised to the Master Mason degree.