Who Are We?

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Our policies are guided by the Golden Rule: We treat your privacy and security the way we want you to treat ours.
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 What We Collect Without Your Knowledge

To manage this Web site, we monitor aggregate data, such as the number of visitors and monthly search terms. These statistics don’t contain any personally identifiable information.
Browsers accept cookies by default. If you prefer, you can configure your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie or even to refuse cookies altogether. If you refuse cookies, you will disable features of this and many other Web sites. We do not use cookies in any way that could gather information about you without your knowledge. As with all Web sites, we can see visitors’ IP address, but we can’t use that information to spy on you.

 What We Do With Information We Collect

We also gather some information directly from you. For example, if you send us e-mail, order a product or service, enter a chat room, or fill out a form and submit it, obviously, we see what you write. We use this information to serve you better. For example, we use your e-mail address or postal address:
- to send you information you have requested;
- to answer questions that you have posed to us;
- to send you messages that we think you will find relevant; or,
- to contact you for feedback.
Orders for products or services may require the involvement of third parties. We will give them information they need to fulfill the order, such as your address. Obviously, if you order something with a credit card, we have to forward certain information to the credit card company.
We reserve the right to disclose information to authorities to comply with a search warrant, subpoena, court order, or similar legal requirement. We reserve the right to use any information to protect my own rights and to prevent the misuse of my property. Otherwise, we won’t disclose information to third parties without your permission.

 Changes to These Policies

We reserve the right to modify these policies from time-to-time without notice.