Commentary on Masonry

 “10 Reasons to Become a Mason” from the Grand Lodge of Iowa

 “Ideal of a Free Mason” by Otto Klotz, PGM of the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Provence of Ontario

 “Reality Check” by Edward King,


Commentary on Symbols & Ritual

 “Masonic Funeral Services” by South Dakota Lodge of Masonic Research

 “The Cable Tow — The ‛Easy Button’?” by Tom Dangelo

 “The Trowel” by Jack Welker, PGM

 “The Saints John” by Rev. Charles H. Walker

 “Prompting” (1/19/21)

 “The Masonic Deck of Cards” (2/2/21)

 “Perspectives on Masonic Secrets”

 “The Anxiety of Presiding” (11/2/21)



 1890: GM Ayres Establishes Charity Fund

 Inn of Year’s End (10/20/2020)

 Election by Ballot (11/3/2020)

 In Token of Your Sincerity (01/05/2021)

 The Level & the Square (03/16/2021)

 Anniversary of the Death of Jacque DeMolay (04/04/2023)



 “Civility in an Uncivil Age: What Can and Should Freemasons Do About It?” by Margaret C. Jacob

Making Good Men Better

 “Slowing the Hands of Time” by RW Brother Chad M Lacek, PM of Dundee Lodge No 190 Carpentersville, IL  

 “Men Who Build Bridges,” by RW Rev. Richard D. Campbell, Grand Chaplain, Grand Lodge of New York  

 “Is Father Christmas a Freemason” by Brother David Downie, St. Trinians Lodge No. 2050, Isle of Man


Improving the Craft

 “Top-Down and Bottom-Up Leadership,” by Forthrighter  

 “Leadership,” by RWB Harold Ireland, Senior Grand Warden  

 “The Courage of Excellence,” by Tom Dangelo

 “Boring Our Members To Death,” by Christopher Hodapp

 “Lodge Leader’s Planning Guide,” by Mike Rodman

 “Mentoring for the New Mason,” by Mike Rodman

 “Six Steps to Initiation,” by Yancy Smith, Sr.

 “Making a Lodge Meeting Interesting,” by Rod Larson, P.G.M. of Masons in Minnesota

 “Reasons Freemasonry Fails, Part 2” by u/jbanelaw


What Masonry Means to Me

 Edith C. Wong

 Rev. William M. Pfatuz, PM

 Rev. Norman Vincent Peale

 Lawrence E. Bethune


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