A Freemason’s Christmas Wish

— WB Andrew J Bradley, Carmel Lodge #421, Dec 6, 2021

It is the time of year when the Brethren rejoice, and sing carols of praise in resounding voice.
Days of merriment and long nights of cheer, as we all await the “Happy New Year!”
It is a time of family and life long friends, a time of happiness and to make amends.
Roast turkey and baubles and the Nutcracker Suite, we each have our own way to make Christmas Complete.
As we stroll through this happy month of December find time to pause and take time to remember that distinguishing sign of a Freemason’s heart — those acts of Charity. How great they are.
As your family gathers ’round your Christmas tree, and the children play with giggles of glee, spare a thought for the poor, the man with no shoes, whose daily meal is less than your dues.
Remember also the Grand Lodge above, and the Supreme Great Architect’s act of love.
And practice those virtues we hold so true. Have some fun! But let Temperance chasten you.
And during this season of peace and joy look well to our future — the girl and boy.
Then wonder what lessons you may them teach, and with your guidance what heights they may reach.
So, to all of my Brethren from far and wide, whether your Christmas be snow, or hot and dry, may the Architect grant his celestial boon and keep your good health ’til we meet again soon.
Take care of yourself and those you find dear. Keep this festive spirit throughout the next year.
Look toward your next date with our happy band. ’Til our next merry meeting. Apron, heart, and hand.